Lime trees

Enhance your garden with the beauty and fragrance of lime trees. Explore top varieties and tips for growing healthy lime trees in your own backyard.
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Citrus are one of those plants that I think are a must in the garden. They have beautiful dark green foliage all year, sensuously perfumed flowers at various times of the year and then produce fabulously colourful edible fruit. They really are the most perfect garden specimen. We’ve already gone through why you should grow […]

If you don't live in a warm climate, try growing lime trees indoors. Learn how to grow lime trees with these gardening tips. #gardeningchannel #fruittrees #fruitgardening Home Vegetable Garden, Fruit Garden, Garden Plants, House Plants, Food Garden, Garden Care, Edible Garden, Terrace Garden, Hydroponic Gardening

Lime trees are among the most cold-sensitive of all citrus trees, growing outdoors only in warm, mild climates. But, you don’t have to live south of zone 9 to grow lime trees indoors. If you’ve got a sunny window with southern exposure, you can grow lime trees indoors no matter how much snow piles up outside.