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This-man-came-to-visit-his-pet-tiger-after-he-had-been-released-into-the-wild.-The-tiger-ran-to-greet-him-with-huge-hugs-and-even-introduced-him-to-his-mate Animals Friends, Animals And Pets, Animals Wild, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Baby Animals, Giant Animals, Strange Animals, Pretty Animals

Vintage mexican style kitten Paston - etsy Feline and canine diversity Both the dog and cat species have evolved to have a bunch of fascinating breeds and appearances. In the Chinese Zodiac, the dog is born under the sign of loyalty and there is no question about this deep trait, while the cat is born under the influence of feminine luck and mystique. Anubis in Egyptian mysticism was a dog who was a protector in the underworld and a guide for souls. In ancient Egypt, the cat was revered as a…

Godeleine Caron