Lepord gecko

Learn how to properly care for your leopard gecko with these unique tips and tricks. Discover the best ways to create a comfortable and healthy environment for your pet reptile.
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Animals. They've been around for longer than us, and they'll probably be around long after we've gone. Why? Because animals know the secret of life. And what, I hear you ask, is that secret? It's happiness. Simple, unadulterated happiness. Take a look at these pictures that Bored Panda has compiled to see just what we mean. They aren't smiling because they have a lot of Facebook friends. Nor are they smiling because their favorite band won Eurovision. They're smiling because they love life…

Eugenia Cernelea
A Leopard Gecko Shedding It's Skin And It Looks Like He Is Getting Eaten Lepord Gecko, Leopard Gecko Cute, Cute Gecko, Cute Lizard, Baby Leopard, Pretty Animals, Cute Little Animals, Baby Animals, Cute Reptiles

While most people can barely watch horror films like Paranormal Activity without going into a full-blown breakdown, aka putting all the lights on in the house and not being able to sleep for days straight, some people like the thrill of it. They sleep like babies, never flinch and have the guts for the scariest things.

Hylyn Zannichöxylüm Wõrszewiczia Xänfy