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If you’ve actually owned all three of these technological evolutions of television as depicted by Didier Burtin then you deserve an accolade! And maybe some help blowing out all the candles on your next birthday cake. The flat screen TV may be the last of its kind, as the only thing that’s growing are its […]

Anton Nicolas
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It's working! And I found a TV programme showing Back to the Future Part II :D Close up of the BTTF2 scene This scene was actually the reason for buiding a TV. At first I intended to build only the left side of this street scene, as a normal layout in a minifig scale. But when I built the DeLorean time machine, I realized that it's too big for minifigs and too small for miniland figurines, so I decided to make the scene in a forced perspective, starting with a miniland scale in the front and…

Steen Andersson
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A real working LEGO TV set created out of LEGO bricks and parts from a repaired TV that was going to be recycled. Instead of tossing the TV, I repaired a voltage regulator and a capacitor to get the TV to work. The original cabinet was suffering plastic fatigue. I thought it would be fun to build a LEGO cabinet for the parts. A video of this TV is provided on my YouTube channel.