Lego pieces

Unlock your creativity with these unique and fun ideas for building with LEGO pieces. Discover new ways to create, design, and play with LEGO bricks to bring your imagination to life.
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If you've ever stepped on a LEGO you know how painful it can be. Make this inconvenience a thing of the past by learning how to organize the building blocks. While there's no one right way to store them, a master LEGO builder explains how to organize LEGOs based on your building style.

Harriet Sealey
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If you’ve got a collection of old Lego bricks, you could be sitting on a relatively easy way to make extra cash. Lego bricks — especially discontinued Lego sets or rare minifigures — are worth a lot to Lego fans, collectors and children of all ages. These colorful Danish bricks, originally created in 1936, are...

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