Lego couch

Transform your living room into a colorful and imaginative space with these creative LEGO couch ideas. Find inspiration to build your own LEGO couch and add a touch of fun to your home decor.
Toys are Tools: Top Ten Tips: LEGOS on the CHEAP! Really? + LEGO Giveaway   Want to save money? Get your kids to create and SELL their LEGO beauties like this couch as explained on's design pages. Show them how to make a profit of their hard work but be wary, they will likely become more addicted.

Imagine getting all these LEGOs for just $25! I was kissed by the God of Shopping that day. And you'd think this was enough but..... Read This if Your Kid's LEGO Obsession is Bleeding You Dry..... Once upon a time, I bought a HUGE bin of used LEGOs for just $25 dollars. It must have been over 15 lbs. I was so happy. It was disgustingly dirty though... I had to wash them three times in my tub. The previous owner had a cat and I'm allergic. That was hard. But I did it for my kids. Number 1 Son…

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I’ll be completely upfront with you Pandas—one of my favorite parts about living on Planet Earth and being a human being (instead of, for example, a chill banana tree or a rat who can cook French cuisine) is the vast amount of new, creative, and interesting things I get to learn about each and every day. Life’s full of magic, even if it’s not as flashy and obvious as in the Harry Potter books and movies. And one of the cozy nooks on the internet that shows us just how neat the world can be…

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