Lady curzon peacock dress

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Curzon of India

A bonus at Kedleston is an impressive collection of riches acquired by Lord Curzon when he was Viceroy of India at the turn of the 20th century. It is comparable in some respects to the collection at Powys of Clive of India, but Clive was of a different age, when the Brits were conquering India, not merely ruling it. Lord Curzon; in an ivory-carved frame; dozens of such large carved pieces... Local weaponry Silver sedan chair; sitting room furnishings The Peacock Dress, worn by Lady Mary…

Debra White
Silken peacock dress by Dazzygidds, via Flickr Silken Peacock, Peacock Gown, Delhi Durbar, Gaun Abad Pertengahan, Beetle Wings, King Edward Vii, Peacock Dress, 1900s Fashion, King Edward

Silken peacock dress

The famous Peacock Dress worn by Mary Lady Curzon at the evening ball which followed thecoronation in Delhi in 1903. It was embroidered by Indian craftsmen who used metal thread and jewels on cloth of gold to get a peacock feather representation that glistened when the room was lit by electricity. It is currently on loan from the Victoria and Albert museum.

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