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Ignite a love for learning in your kindergarten classroom with engaging inquiry activities. Explore top ideas to foster curiosity and critical thinking skills in young learners.
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The kids have started noticing signs of fall! They had started bringing me leaves, so I knew it was time to start investigating Fall! I started out by asking what they wondered about Fall. They came up with some very good questions! We posted the questions on our inquiry wall. This wall will grow as they wonder new things and answer the questions! I set out some provacations about Fall to see what they would notice. On our look closer table, I set out fall leaves and colored water to see…

Darla Myers
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I have learned that if the class is truly interested in something, they will use reading, writing, and math skills as they explore their interests naturally. I observe and listen closely to discover what they are interested in. Sometimes a book or story will spark an interest. Sometimes an interest is sparked by something a friend shared with the class. Sometimes I notice interests by listening to their stories and their play. Our last large group interest was sparked when one of our friends…

Jennifer Tonges
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In the last couple weeks of school, we decided to do an inquiry about the sky. Our Driving Questions were, "What do we see in the daytime sky? What do we see in the nighttime sky?" The sun, moon and stars are in Ohio's science standards, but the students always end up being fascinated. The things they said they see were the pretty colors of the sky, clouds, rainbows, the sun, stars and moon. After we listed these, they started telling me things they noticed that happens in the sky, and then…

Emily MacLellan
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Are you having trouble finalizing your schedule? Too many things to cram in to every day? I hear you! Every year this is probably one of the hardest things for me to figure out, so I want to share how I fit everything I need to teach into every day. Here is a peek at what my weekly schedule looked like my last year in the classroom: Now let me break that down for you just a little bit... AM Routines/WTW Sort The first thing my kiddos do every day is pretty typical. They hang up their things…

Maria Ragy
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Play Based Learning is an approach to teaching that focuses on children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore their world. It is a way of thinking about education that promotes the importance of play and discovery. In this blog post you'll get some tips on how to start with play based teaching.

Jenna Colby