Kimono sewing pattern

Elevate your fashion game with these DIY kimono sewing patterns. Create unique and stylish wardrobe additions that reflect your personal style. Get inspired and start sewing your own kimono today!
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This is an old tutorial I made a long time ago, but I don't think I ever added it here. Feel free to download it and use it as a reference sheet, and good luck with your sewing! Important note: When I say the exact middle of the blue seam, I mean that in a horizontal sense: if you drew a line down your shoulder into your arm, the midpoint of that blue seam will be on that invisible line (as seen in the reference photo). Not that the seam itself should sit on top of your shoulder. Also, the…

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Hitoe Sewing Terminology Diagram (Female hitoe shown. Descriptions below.) 1. 袖口 sodeguchi sleeve hole 2. 袖幅 sodehaba sleeve width 3. 袖丈 sodetake sleeve length 4. 袖口下 sodeguchishita lower sleeve edge 5. 丸み marumi rounded edge 6. 袖下 sodeshita sleeve bottom 7. 振り furi "Swing", sleeve edge (Not on male kimono) 8. 肩幅 katahaba shoulder width 9. 袖つけ sodetsuke sleeve seam 10. おくみ下がり okumisagari buried okumi length 11. 剣先 kensaki "Point of the Sword" 12. 身八つ口 miyatsuguchi underarm hole 13. 抱き幅…

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