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In the late 1910s, Converse brand Hi-Top shoes were one of the official makers of athletic shoes. Their brown leather and suede shoes with the round classic Converse label made for a striking contrast to the everyday lace up boots and Oxford shoes. Initial lines were called "Big Nine" and "Non-Skid," later becoming All Stars.

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5 Ways We Teach Kids to NOT Trust Their Gut Instinct - AT: Parenting Survival for All Ages Parenting Tips, Pre K, Parents, Parenting Help, Parenting Hacks, Parenting Advice, Parenting 101, Parenting, Kids And Parenting

Recently I wrote an article on teaching kids concepts beyond stranger danger. Several people left comments about this great book called The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker which talks about gut instinct. I remember vaguely seeing the author on Oprah Winfrey a long time ago. I love absorbing new information, so I quickly

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