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Explore the endearing character of Kaylee Frye from the TV series Serenity. Discover her warmth, optimism, and mechanical genius that made her an integral part of the crew. Join us on a journey through Kaylee's unforgettable moments and relive the magic of this beloved character.
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Kaylee's Serenity Coveralls

Kaylee gets a little sleeker in the Big Damn Movie. Here's her coveralls that she wears at the beginning of the movie and during the big battle scene. More after the break... First up, some screencaps. Now, some pictures from Propstore Auctions. Some promos: They had downloadable wallpapers on the Serenity website, and here's Kaylee's: The shoes she wears with this costume are Swear Alternative, which was a London-based company that was a branch of Swear London. Swear Alternative stopped…

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Firefly Cosplay: Kaylee's Jumpsuit Tutorial

Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye: engineer, fashion icon, and not a power in the verse that can stop her being cheerful :) Kaylee has always been one of the characters I've felt most connected to. Her optimism and enthusiasm for life, despite having seen some of the worst of it, is inspiring. I love that she is consistently one of the smartest people on the ship, both emotionally and technically. She embraces the dichotomy of being a rough and tumble spaceship engineer and the prettiest fairy…

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Get 'Firefly' Favorite Kaylee Frye's Double Eyeliner That's Pretty Enough For Any Dance Party In The Universe

While waiting for the new season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, I've put myself on a massive Whedon re-watch. I made it all the way to season 7 of Buffy before petering out and switching over to Firefly. In case you're unfamiliar with the show, it's a…

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Kaylee's Brown Coveralls

In Firefly, Kaylee wears an assortment of coveralls. Here are her brown coveralls. She has two sets of brown coveralls, I believe. I refer to one as her "cartoon" coveralls because it has a cartoon animal on one of the pockets. They are so similar that I have included them both below. More after the break... Some more promo pics: Screencap from The Train Job: Screencaps from Bushwhacked: Screencaps from Safe: Screencaps from Shindig: Screencap from Our Mrs. Reynolds: Screencaps from Trash…

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