Kahoot questions for friends

Challenge your friends with these entertaining and interactive Kahoot questions. Get ready for laughter and friendly competition as you test your knowledge and have a blast together.
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One of the birthday traditions I have kept up and absolutely adore is asking my boys about all their favorite things on their birthday through a little quiz….same questions year after year. It is so much fun to look back on their answers and see how things have changed and how they stay the same. […]

Kelly Johnson
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I can't even remember when or where I first heard about Kahoot! but I've used it with my students in the classroom and with my faculty with wonderful results. Kahoot! combines a game based format with leader or student created quizzes,challenging participants to be the first to answer questions correctly by awarding points and showing the top 5 participants on the leader board. Surveys and discussion questions can also be designed without the competitive atmosphere created by the timed…

Susan Baker