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Discover the talent and versatility of Julian Morris. Explore his impressive portfolio of movies and TV shows, and find out why he is a favorite among viewers worldwide.
I dont know why this just clicked as Liam...... *sigh* I'm so confused with myself right now.... People, Models, Oliver Jackson Cohen, Julian Morris, Ethan, Aaron, Prince Phillip, Jonah, Morris

Hey guys! This is my first post! Here I am! Having had so many requests for a blog, I finally decided to make one. Maybe it will boost my motivation to write the stories I'll be blogging about, maybe it won't ;) Cameron's likeness is based on that of actor Julian Morris. Cameron is a character from my story Hitchhiker. You can read about it in My Works. I personally really like Cameron. He's a true gentleman, despite what a terrible life he's led. He was around ten years old when he ran away…