Japanese kitchen knives

Discover the precision and elegance of Japanese kitchen knives. Upgrade your cooking experience with top-quality knives that are known for their sharpness and durability. Find the perfect knife for your culinary adventures.
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Traditional Japanese knives are divided into two classes: Honyaki knives are made from true-forged high-carbon steel, while kasumi knives are made by forging high-carbon steel and soft iron together. Here, learn the names of a wide variety of Japanese knives and how to use them.

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Japanese kitchen knives have developed from simple, heavy blades (similar to Deba), which come in many well-thought-out forms used for precisely determined tasks. The great classic trio are Deba, Usuba and Yanagiba, which are especially useful for traditional Japanese cuisine. But, we will start with the knives that are most commonly used, and continue with more task-specific knives. GYUTO (Chef's knife) Japanese version of a Western-style main kitchen knife (chef's knife). The major…

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Have you ever been using a Santoku and thinking to yourself “Man, this knife slaps. So good at chopping veggies. So nimble and easy to use. I love this knife. It’s amazing. But I wish it had a super rad pointy tip”? Well, you need a Bunka, aka my new favourite knife shape. The name Bunka translates to “culture, and was created in the 1950s when Japanese culture was modernizing. “Bunka apartments” were highly popular in urban areas, and the name was eventually lifted for this knife shape…

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The Top 8 Japanese Knives We have been making and taking orders on Japanese knives for a few years now. Based on the orders we’ve been getting below are the eight most popular Japanese knives and our guess on why they are popular….. The Honesuki Knife The Honesuki is referred to as the boning knife and is loved by those who are the directors at a BBQ. Funnily enough this blade is not the blade for cutting through bones (that's the Deba Knife) rather it is the knife that get's you around…

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