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Explore the witty and creative Photoshop edits by James Fridman. Discover how he turns ordinary photo requests into humorous and unexpected masterpieces that will leave you in stitches.
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Look, how many times have we told you to be careful what you wish for? Let me help you count. Bored Panda warned you in this same post 3 months ago and prior to that, we told you here, here, and here. Time has passed, years have gone by, seasons have changed and nobody, not a single one, has ever thought: “Wait, maybe I should really be more careful when asking James Fridman to photoshop my pic!”

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We all want to have at least one perfect picture of ourselves. If we don't hire a professional photographer, however, getting one proves to be an impossible task. Maybe it's the bad lighting, maybe the composition is flawed, but there's always something that's ruining the shot. Luckily for us, Photoshop wizard James Fridman (previously here, here, and here) is taking requests from people who want their images tweaked. But if you decide to ask him for help, take extreme care. Not all of…

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Photoshop is an incredibly crafty tool. People use it to remove blemishes, highlight certain features, and make some of the most amazing designs and logos imaginable. However, some people use their photoshop skills for the good of mankind, or at least that’s what we assume when they offer free photo touch-ups. However, as you might […]

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