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Enchantment in Mythland 1: A Captivating Coloring Book for All Ages - Large Print - 30 Exclusive Illustrations [Lorence, Tara] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Enchantment in Mythland 1: A Captivating Coloring Book for All Ages - Large Print - 30 Exclusive Illustrations

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How to Draw Your Feelings ( + Paint Them Too) — Thirsty For Art

How to Draw Your Feelings / Paint Your Emotions Hello friends, today, I'll show you how to draw and paint your feelings. This easy, beginner friendly therapeutic art exercise will help you express yourself and use art as an outlet for your feelings. I’m Youhjung and I do art as therapy with peopl

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Challenging society’s unrealistic expectations of a female’s body image, French artist Inés Longevial has developed a distinct way in which her subjects are painted. By focusing on the power of a woman’s body and composition of…

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The Power of Art Paint: From Canvas to Masterpiece.

Who could have thought that simple Altoid tins could transform into various useful everyday objects and even masterpieces? In this case, Ohio-based artist Remington Robinson continues to create beautiful mini Plein air paintings. His tiny blank canvas turns into realistic paintings portraying natural and urban landscapes.

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