Ikea patio

Create a stylish and functional outdoor oasis with IKEA patio ideas. Explore top ideas to make the most of your outdoor living area and enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and style.
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When we first moved into our new apartment in April I knew I wanted to get our outdoor space set up as quickly as possible. With restrictions still in place I wanted to be able to host friends and family outside safely. I tried to incorporate as many items as I could from our previous patio to our

Andrea Coorey
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Three years later and we finally created an outdoor oasis with our patio that we've been dreaming of. And it's perfect for this summer with traveling on hold. We now have a space where we can create our own staycation.

Bailey Hanchett
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Refinishing Ikea Outdoor Furniture: Remember when your first brought home your brand new Ikea Applaro outdoor furniture? How great the acacia wood looked on your patio? If you’ve had your furniture for several years like me, that may seem like a distant memory. The good new is that it…