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Discover the perfect storage solution for your collectibles with IKEA Detolf cabinets. Showcase your favorite items and keep them organized in style with these top ideas.
Coreplex - Rambling from Inside the Grid: LED Lighting DIY for Ikea Detolf Cabinets Ikea, Diy Furniture, Inspiration, Legos, Industrial Diy, Glass Furniture, Ikea Detolf, Display Shelves, Cabinet Lighting

Motivation I knew right from the start I wanted to LED light my detolf cabinets after seeing so many impressive setups on the tfw2005 forums. I also knew I wanted to do it cheap, and that doing it via a DIY path was viable for me. Looking at other people's installs, the devil is in the details and often people would skimp a bit on the tidy side of the wiring, and people also weren't very specific in their descriptions of their builds! So I had the idea, but no build details.. so here is my…

Krzysztof Grajewski
Detolf painted white on my IKEA hack dresser | Almost ready … | Flickr Ikea, Home Décor, Display Cabinets Ikea, Display Cabinet, Ikea Hack, Ikea Diy, Display Case, Ikea Detolf, Guest Room Office

Almost ready for my Poppy Parkers!! I finished painting the old IKEA detolf's white. I wanted to put a finish coat on them but read it can turn amber. That would look terrible! I'm going to stick with just the gloss latex. My IKEA dresser is a malm 3x2 that I hacked by swapping the side pieces from a malm nightstand that is only 2 high. I wanted my detolf's raised but not too high, and this is perfect for me! It was rather simple, I only had to shorten the middle support, and I repurposed…

Ellen Wozniak