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The topic of “top carnivores” often comes up for discussion, and for the purpose of comparison in this article, we are looking at Africa’s land mammals, therefore excluding killing machines such as Nile crocodiles and Great White sharks. So, of the high-profile carnivores that roam the wilderness areas of Africa, which would be considered to be the most successful? Lion? Leopard? Cheetah? Painted hunting dog? Or perhaps spotted hyena?

Adrianna Tentori

Ever googled 'exotic animals' and have never been able to find any new species? Anything original?Well, that's what I do. Every single day. Oof. Anyways, I made this book because it's very hard to find new species and more exotic ones to gaze at. Not all of these are exotic, forgive me, but atleast they look good. I scrounged the internet for these, so you're welcome. Anyways, let's start.

abby park

On an early morning game drive, when we saw this young spotted hyena in the far distance. He seemed curious, and after just about a minute he started walking towards us. He was even polite enough to cross the road and relax in the better light.

Tefy Rosero