Hydrangea varieties

Discover a variety of stunning hydrangea plants to enhance the beauty of your garden. Find the perfect hydrangea variety that suits your gardening style and create a vibrant and colorful outdoor space.
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Thinking of planting some hydrangeas but aren't sure if they can take full sun? Well the good news is, there's actually plenty of different hydrangea varieties that are sun tolerant! In this article, gardening expert Jill Drago takes a deeper look at her favorite full sun hydrangea varieties.

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Hydrangeas and delphiniums, one of the best hydrangea companion flowers

Flower Garden Ideas: Enhance your hydrangea's beauty with the best hydrangea companion plants! Discover a stunning mix of flowers, herbs, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables that make ideal hydrangea companions for your dream garden. Learn how to grow hydrangeas in your garden and how to plant the right hydrangea companion plants for your landscape. Companion planting with hydrangeas will help you make the most of your hydrangea garden space. #hydrangeacompanionplanting #hydrangeacare

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There are a wide assortment of Hydrangeas Varieties that you can grow in full sun or in a shade garden. There are even hundreds of different types of hydrangeas that are available in a wide range or colors, shapes, and sizes. On this page you’ll find a complete list of the most popular hydrangea varieties …