How to steam dumplings without a steamer

Learn how to steam dumplings without a steamer using simple kitchen tools. Try these alternative methods to enjoy delicious homemade dumplings with a soft and tender texture.
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4 Ways to Steam Dumplings Without a Steamer (Step by Step!) - A Dumpling Thing

When it comes to preparing dumplings, whether you're whipping up your own homemade Jiaozi or cooking frozen ones, one of the top cooking methods that people recommend is steaming. And while I love a good steamed dumpling, I admit it can be intimidating if you're new to it. After all, most tutorials revolve around using

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Recipe: Steamed Pork Dumplings

They do take a bit of work, although that can be cut down by using pre-made dumpling wraps. But it’s a relaxing sort of work – chopping, mixing, and wrapping. They smell wonderful, too; the aroma of ginger, scallions and sesame filled my kitchen and I could hardly wait for them to be done! Step-by-step pictures below… This was my first time making this sort of dumpling, as you can probably tell from my awkward wrapping.

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How to Steam Buns Without a Steamer | Tastylicious!

Whether you’re eating bao, siopao, or regular hamburger buns, getting the perfect texture can only be achieved with a steamer. Or can it? The truth is, there is more than one way to steam a bun, and some get results that are just as good. You can steam buns in the microwave or with a...Read More

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How To Make Dumplings Without A Steamer - Food Republic

[caption id="attachment_156883" align="alignnone" width="700"] Homemade pork and scallion dumplings, no special equipment required whatsoever! (Photo: Kris Lindenmuth.)[/caption] The day before the last Food Republic Test Kitchen, I saw the triple-tiered bamboo steamer in use at our studio. The next day, as I prepared to make dumplings, it was nowhere to be found. Thankfully, I also don't have a steamer at home. Well, it's not thankful I don't have a steamer; I need to get one of those! But…

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