How to stay disciplined

Discover effective tips and strategies to help you stay disciplined and achieve your goals. Learn how to develop self-control and maintain focus in your daily life.

Want to become a super productive student? You know, the ones who have their assignments finished early (or at least never late), seem happy an on top of things, and joyfully skip to class every day? You can learn these skills, apply them to your life and see the results very quickly.

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Deep down, everyone wants to be a hero. Legendary cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha is no different. Except for the fact that being just one hero isn’t enough for her. Sometimes it seems like she wants to embody every single famous character of a comic book, movie, and video game in existence. At least for a few hours.

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Not to talk down on myself, but my self-discipline to lose weight is horrible right now. You might be thinking the same about your self-discipline which is why you’re here. You’re in good company. I know the struggle. This is a safe space. I gained 55-lbs after losing 45-lbs with keto intermittent fasting due to my weakening self-discipline. Yes, I thought I had it figured out and believed I was going to keep heading down the scale. Boy, did life have something else in mind for me. Below I’m…

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