How to renovate wood paneling

Learn how to renovate wood paneling and give your space a fresh new look. Discover expert tips and techniques to transform your walls and create a modern and stylish environment.
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We’ve all probably seen the paneling that was popular in the 60s and 70s…the big sheets of paneling with fake “grooves” in them that can be any number of wood-like colors (or not!). We were lucky enough to have five rooms in our house with this type of paneling in it. (And I say lucky very sarcastically.) I painted right over the paneling in three of those rooms but of course you can still see the grooves in the paneling and while that doesn’t look bad, it still looks like paneling. And…

Camille Beyer
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I have clients who have bought a house in upstate New York. They are a NYC couple who are transitioning their lives to working and living full time upstate and going into the city as they need to. They admired this house from afar, and when it came onto the market a year later, they snatched it up immediately. They are now going through the process of renovating it to become the home of their dreams. Like any renovation project, they are discovering all sorts of issues and dilemmas that are…

Beth LaRocco
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Ugly wood paneling? Tips to update that drab wood panel wall with tips and how to make it look like dry wall with a spackle!

Gail Harner
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We are rocking along on the house. I’m down to the last big room to be painted and that is the den. Yowza, at the brown wood paneling in that space. I have never been

Anna Mehrtens
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My fingers haven't been so excited to type out a title for a long time. It's one thing to be done painting the paneling but it's a whole 'nother feat to get up a tutorial about it - only took me a couple of months...HA! It's a hefty one with a lot of carefully ordered steps to help you along if you've been thinking about laying a fresh coat on the wood paneling you've inherited. We are certainly happy we took on the task. The end result has us heck-yeahing and has our living room looking a…

Emily Goyette
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If you are wondering whether you should paint the paneling in order to sell your house, these guidelines will help you create a gorgeous space.

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