How to do tattoos

Discover step-by-step guides and expert tips on how to do tattoos. Start creating stunning body art with confidence and unleash your creativity today.
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9 Things You Should Never Do To Your Tattoo If You Don't Want To Ruin It

Despite their high cost and apparent permanence, tattoos are not as indestructible as you think. Take Jessica Chen, a tattoo artist at Tattoo People in Toronto, Ontario. Two years ago, Chen got a tattoo she tells me is now obviously faded because…

Jordan Speville
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How to Give Yourself a Tattoo: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Everything you need to know for safe, DIY ink Looking to get into the tattoo business and need somewhere to start? Or maybe you just want to give yourself a unique piece of body art. In either case, you're probably aware that it's a huge...