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Explore creative homeschooling ideas for middle school students to enhance their learning experience. Discover engaging activities and resources to make homeschooling fun and effective for your child.
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I am a Jesus loving wife, homeschool mom of 2 boys, love to travel, and I'm always looking for ways to earn extra income and work from home. We strive to live a Joy and Valor life, all for the...

Lori Sanford
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Discover comprehensive & engaging middle school homeschool curriculum options. Elevate your 6th, 7th, & 8th grader's learning journey.

Homeschool of 1: Kids Printables & Fun Activities
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Deschooling definition: planned period of adjustment a child needs when transitioning from public school to homeschool. Understanding how long it takes and why the deschool process has major, necessary benefits in helping a child decompress and successfully prepare for switching to home school and formal school work. Get tips for de-schooling, learn how to start homeschooling with deschooling, the difference between deschooling vs. unschooling and more!

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