Homemade frozen burritos

Learn how to make your own tasty frozen burritos at home. Explore top recipes and enjoy convenient and flavorful meals with homemade frozen burritos.
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My first real job as a teenager was bagging groceries at the local grocery store. It was the first of many food-related jobs for which I’m truly thankful. Not only did I learn the proper way to place cans in a paper sack, I also encountered a number of ingredients and foods I’d never heard of. This was the late 80s in Los Angeles County; you’d think that we were really cosmopolitan back then, but we weren’t.

Doris Vicini

I have a teenage son. He hasn't stopped eating for six months! No lie. This child has eaten a whole box of cereal for breakfast, the whole box...by himself! I started buying packages of frozen burritos specifically for him to eat when he needs a snack or for after he's eaten all the rest of the food in the house. Those pre-made frozen burritos aren't terribly expensive but he was going through the 8 ct. packages pretty fast and lets face it, they can't be that healthy. I'm not even sure…

Tori Albright
Never buy frozen burritos again! You can make these Bean & Cheese Burritos in less than 15 minutes and they cost less than $0.30 each! Freezer Cooking, Freezer Meals, Homemade Beans, Hamburger, Make Ahead Meals, Cooking Recipes, Main Dish Recipes, Easy Meals, Frozen Burritos

I made Bean & Cheese Burritos for the freezer yesterday. These were so simple to put together -- and quite inexpensive, too. They aren't anything spectacular and, if you're a foodie, you just might be appalled that I'm posting such a crazily simple recipe. :) But I'm all about simple -- especially when it comes to quick and easy lunches!

Marie Bohnsack - Weaver