Home office craft room combo layout

Maximize your productivity and creativity with these innovative layout ideas for a home office craft room combo. Create a functional and inspiring space that allows you to seamlessly switch between work and crafting.
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Getting multiple uses out of the same small space doesn’t have to be hard. When you get totally clear on how much time and space is spent on each activity, the ideas for how to layout the furniture almost becomes automatic. You begin to see exactly how much space each activity needs.

Molly B.
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Functional Home Office and Guest Room Combo Room Ideas – Do you have a small home office guest room combo setup in your home? Is your guest bedroom ALSO your craft room? Me too! And...

Keri McIntyre
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After two years of sewing in small apartments, where my sewing items were spread through out the space, I'm happy to share that I finally have a dedicated room just for sewing again 🥳🙌🏻 This is technically my 7th time setting up an area for sewing in the last 10 years. I've sewn in almost every room of a house now - Dining room, kitchen, loft, bedrooms...All of that moving and setting up from space to space has taught me a lot about what I find most necessary for an enjoyable sewing…

Emily Kay