History of photography

Discover the evolution of photography and its impact on art, culture, and society. Uncover the pioneers, techniques, and iconic images that have shaped this visual medium.
What it looked like to be on the other side of the camera. Photographer Gambier Curtis Reeks taken at the turn of the century. http://www.ancientfaces.com/photo/gambier-curtis-reeks/1292392 1800s Photography, History Of Photography, Photography Camera, Photography Business, Vintage Photography, Art Photography, Antique Cameras, Vintage Cameras, Old Photos

Gambier Curtis Reeks (1864-1917) was the younger brother of my great-great-grandfather, Alfred Augustus Reeks. Their family owned a photography business in England. He married Rachel Woodnutt in 1895 and had three children: Frederick (1891), Elsie (1894), and Ida (1896).

Lytro Celebrates 175 Years of Photography with a History of Cameras Infographic | Fstoppers Teach Photography, Popular Photography, School Photography, Photography Classes, Photography Camera, Modern Photography, Photography Projects, Photography Techniques, Photography Tutorials

Today is World Photo Day and to celebrate 175 years of modern photography, Lytro has released a pretty snazzy infographic that shows the history of camera innovation from the inception of the photograph all the way up to present day (ending as expected with their Light Field camera the Ilum). In somewhat related news, Lytro also released their new updated mobile app (version

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