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[highest ranking #3 in junghoseok] °a Jung Hoseok fanfiction° "Do you Mr. Jung Hoseok take Kim Yeri as your wife?" "I do"replied Hoseok. "Do you Kim Yeri take Jung Hoseok as your husband?" It took her a few minutes to answer "I-I do"

remiria Scarlet
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The Soul Stone is passed down from mother to daughter. Only strong women has the ability to wield the stone. This has happened for hundreds of years and for those hundreds of year the Black Panther and all of Wakanda has tried (and succeeded) in keeping the world from knowing they are in possession of the final infinity stone. The stone, however, gives the wielder an ability most wouldn't associate with it. It gives the wielder and the wielders children the ability to turn into a panther…

Denisse Mtz S.