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Explore stunning designs and creative ideas for incorporating Hebrew text into your artwork, tattoos, or home decor. Discover the beauty and meaning of Hebrew script and find inspiration for your next project.
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The Septuagint (Latin for seventy, abbreviation LXX) is the oldest translation of the Hebrew Bible and into ancient Greek everyday language (Koine). The translation originated around 250 BC and was made by the Hebrews (mainly in Alexandria). Most books were translated until about 100 BC. Important to note: The three Hebrew names "Yehoshua", "Yahoshua" and its short version "Yeshua" (or Yashua) were all translated by the Jews into Greek as "Ιησους" (Iesous). From this the English JESUS is…

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YHWH Hebrew God Name, Tetragrammaton, Yahweh JHVH ,Yahveh in Hebrew Letters, Yehovah, Name of God, Glorious Name, God`s Name Stock Vector - Illustration of banner, love: 251350330 Names Of God, Names Of God Art, God's Names In Hebrew, Hebrew Letters, Yhwh Hebrew, Heavenly Father, Christian Education, Jesus Faith, God Art

YHWH Hebrew God Name, Tetragrammaton, Yahweh JHVH ,Yahveh in Hebrew letters, Yehovah, name of God, glorious Name, God`s name. Illustration about banner, love, graphic - 251350330

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