Heat rash remedy

Discover natural and effective remedies to alleviate heat rash and provide relief for your irritated skin. Take action and find the perfect solution to cool down and heal your heat rash.
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A heat rash, also known as miliaria or sweat rash, is a very common condition in which certain parts of the skin sting or feel prickly due to excessive heat. Although not a dangerous condition, this rash may itch a lot and make a person feel extremely uncomfortable. This rash usually occurs due to excessive heat during summer seasons. The most commonly affected heat rash areas are, a person’s: back, neck, abdomen, groin, upper chest and armpits. This condition is also extremely common in…

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A handy guide to the most common types of baby rashes you might see in an infant under a year old. Infections, allergies, and lifestyle can play a factor Newborn Care, Infant Care Newborns, Diaper Rash, Baby Belly, Baby Body, Newborn Rash, Baby Heat Rash, Toddler Rash, 1 Year Old Baby

I remember the first time my baby had a rash—angry red splotches appeared across her perfect porcelain cheeks and I FREAKED OUT. When I hauled us to the pediatrician, I was quickly greeted with a “newborn acne” diagnosis as well as a reassuring, “We get a lot of rash inquiries each day.” I’m not surprised. It can be really troubling when a rash pops up and you don’t know what the hell it is, if it’s contagious, or if it needs medical attention. Rashes on infants usually fall into one of…

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