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Discover the talented actors who bring the beloved characters of Heartland to life. Learn more about their amazing performances and get to know the faces behind your favorite show.
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Earlier this year I had the chance to visit the set of CBC’s Heartland and chat with Graham Wardle, who has been playing Ty Borden for the past 10 years. Graham’s character has quickly grown to become one of the fan favourites on the show, and many viewers (including me) were absolutely ecstatic when Ty

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Jessica Amlee is a Canadian actress best known for playing Mallory Wells on the CBC series Heartland. Jessica attended Kanaka Creek Elementary School in Maple Ridge. She is well known for playing Mallory on The Canadian television show Heartland. She is also known for playing Amy in the thriller-horror film Beneath. Jessica lives in her hometown of Maple Ridge, British Columbia with her parents and older brother. During the end of season five of Heartland, Jessica's character moved to…

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