Heart of palm appetizer

Discover mouthwatering recipes for heart of palm appetizers that will impress your guests. Try these easy and flavorful ideas to add a touch of elegance to your next gathering.
This hearts of palm recipe is the perfect easy appetizer: 3-ingredients, and one is bacon. How could you go wrong? A Brazilian party favorite. Bacon, Appetisers, Appetiser Recipes, Apps, Appetizer Snacks, Appetizer Recipes, Appetizers Easy, Healthy Appetizers, Bacon Wrapped

This recipe is three ingredients and so easy it's slightly silly. But if you've never tasted crispy bacon encrusting a sweet and briny canned hearts of palm tube, you're in for a serious revelation. I encourage you to double this recipe as your guests are likely to freak out and inhale the whole platter. Originally published on Food & Wine

Stefanie Norlin
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Remember the artichoke dip that was so popular in the 90s (and appears to remain popular at a lot of the chain restaurants today)? There was a reason for its popularity, it was good! Well, move over artichokes, hearts of palm are here. If you haven’t tried these, go out and get yourself a jar, you are in for a real treat. More versatile than artichoke hearts (think chicken salad, green salads, snacks, appetizers, dips), less chewy (don’t you hate it when you get one of those tough artichoke…

Kim Griffith