Healthy margarita

Indulge in guilt-free margaritas with these delicious and refreshing recipes. Discover how to make a healthier version of your favorite cocktail and enjoy a guilt-free happy hour.
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Wondering how to make a skinny margarita? Check out the easy tips for making an amazing skinny margarita recipe with just 4 ingredients!

Ewa Bubak
This easy skinny margarita recipe is fresh and flavorful without all the calories! It’s a skinny margarita made with agave and lime that is so good you’ll never use a margarita mix again! Low Sugar Margarita Recipe, Clean Margarita, Homemade Margarita Mix Recipe, Homemade Margaritas, Agave Nectar Margarita Recipe, Margarita Recipe Without Mix, Crystal Light Margarita Recipe, Skinny Margarita Recipes, Skinny Girl Margarita

This easy skinny margarita recipe is fresh and flavorful without all the calories! It's a skinny margarita so good you'll never use a margarita mix again!

Pamela Dickerson
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Nothing is better than an icy cold, skinny margarita on a warm day. Smooth tequila mixed with lime juice, agave nectar & water, poured over ice in a salted cocktail glass. Yum! Gluten free, keto-friendly, vegan and perfect for all kinds of occasions.

Sheryll McCormack