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Start your healthy hair journey today and achieve lustrous, vibrant locks. Explore top tips, products, and techniques to nourish and strengthen your hair for a gorgeous transformation.
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one thing that will always help your hair grow Recently I did a hair challenge that required me to limit my amount of heat usage on my hair to prove that reducing the amount of heat on the hair can help it to grow. I have always encouraged the use of heat on the hair to be limited to once per week or less but I decided to actually explore the "or less" part of that statement a little further. So, what I decided to do was push my shampoos back from once per week to once every three weeks…

Feature| How she grew from Neck Length to Waist Length |

Hey there! I knew this pics would grab your attention. Today I'm featuring a wonderful young lady with an extraordinary hair journey. She went from neck length, damaged hair to long luscious locks. Would you like to know how? Keep reading. Meet Lade. Tell us about your hair. What is your current length and texture.My hair is texlaxed and is a little bit past waist length. My natural texture is mixture of 4b and 4c.The longest my hair was before my hair journey was grazing armpit length. How…

Grace Tsoka
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