Healing environment

Transform your space into a healing environment that promotes relaxation and well-being. Explore top ideas and tips to create a tranquil oasis for ultimate rejuvenation.
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# LET`S MAKE AN HABITAT seeks to promote a paradigm shift in how we typically create buildings to heal animals out of the wild. This ideology seeks to create a more sustainable, bio-centric architecture that is founded on prevention/awareness and rehabilitation across different scales. # Concept Architecture Competition

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Creating a “Healing Village” to Embrace Advanced Therapies The Concord Cancer Hospital and Proton Therapy Center will be the benchmarking facility for fighting cancer with the latest technology while providing the ideal environment to foster the healing process for the patient. The complex is divided in two parts — a 400-bed tower and a research structure — connected by a sinuous public concourse where users can meet and mingle.

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