Hawaiian garlic shrimp

Discover mouthwatering Hawaiian garlic shrimp recipes that will transport you to the islands. Try these flavorful dishes and bring a taste of Hawaii to your kitchen today.
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Taking a stab at making the famous Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp from Giovanni's shrimp truck! We tried this local dish when we visited Hawaii years ago and was craving it. It's like a local Hawaiian version of shrimp scampi. The shrimp is full of buttery, garlicky, and spicy flavors. The best part is eating the shrimp with garlic rice! IngredientsServings: 2 • 1 lb shell-on & deveined Shrimp (we went for the 16-20 count/lb shrimp) • 1 Tbsp sweet Paprika • 1 teaspoon Cayenne pepper (this is mild…

Vikki Bankes
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This Hawaiian shrimp recipe will leave your mouth watering and begging for more on the plate. Not everyone can afford to go to Hawaii to get this flavorful dish, so the good news is this recipe will bring flavor to your kitchen. Seafood is a delicacy worldwide, and sprucing it up to a tropical flavor will make this recipe a number-one choice for lunch or dinner.

Virginia Rastetter