Hannukah cookies

Get in the holiday spirit with these mouthwatering Hanukkah cookie recipes. From traditional treats to creative twists, discover the perfect cookies to sweeten your celebration.
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December is a wonderful, busy, festive and sometimes complicated month. Hanukkah. Holiday parties. “Home Alone” on TV. Christmas cookies. But I have never believed Christians should own the exclusive rights to the holiday cookie part. After all, Jews love cookies too. You may have the latkes covered. And the sufganiyot. But some festive Hanukkah cookies […]

Sandra Thomas Borruso
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Woohoo! Hannukah begins tonight at sundown! The festival of lights is such a fun time of year — we are always fans of family time and love the traditions of lighting the menorah and making latkes with our entire family. Another tradition we’re having fun with this year? Making Hannukah cookies! This is the perfect …

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