Halloween costumes for children

Find the perfect Halloween costume for your child and make this Halloween unforgettable. Explore a wide range of creative costume ideas that will bring out their imagination and make them the star of the night.
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I've had some pretty amazing Halloween costumes back when I was kid. The first reason being is because my Nana hand stitched every single one. You can say I'm biased, but my grandmother has some

Kandee Wallace
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Here comes a guaranteed smile: Look at that face. This is a girl who dances to the beat of her own trash can lids, and I am HERE FOR IT. Yep, nothing makes me happy the way kids-being-their-best-weird-selves makes me happy. It's just so pure. You see a kid dressed as a trash can for Halloween, you know that was ALL the kid's idea. Ditto for Hulk Fairy: (via Imgur) With those giant hands - and that stance - I'm actually seeing a Hulk Fairy Boxer, hah. I don't know about you, but this is…

Theresa McCray
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Halloween is a big holiday in North America, but not so much in other places in the world, although it is gaining more popularity. You can’t deny that it is an enjoyable time for adults who decorate their homes, consume everything pumpkin spiced and carve out jack-o'-lanterns.

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