Hainan chicken

Learn how to make mouthwatering Hainan chicken at home with these easy and flavorful recipes. Elevate your cooking skills and enjoy a delectable meal with your loved ones.
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Because this dish can typically be intimidating to make with a whole chicken, we make it more approachable here by using already-cut chicken thighs and legs. One of my absolute favorite dishes to make that brings instant comfort!

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This Hainanese chicken and rice dish is soul-warming and comforting. A succulent whole chicken is gently poached until it reaches tender perfection. It is sliced and presented atop a bed of fragrant rice, each grain infused with chicken broth and garlic. But it's not just the chicken and rice that make this dish extraordinary; it's the accompanying trio of sauces that elevate the flavors. The chili sauce, with its fiery kick tempered by sweetness and tanginess, the ginger garlic sauce…

Julie Johnson