Growing catnip

Learn how to successfully grow catnip in your garden and provide your furry friend with endless joy. Discover the best techniques and care tips to ensure a bountiful harvest of this beloved herb.
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Catnip, nepeta cataria, is a garden herb that's part of the mint family and is most notably known for being a stimulant for cats. If you have cats wandering your garden, it's a good idea to learn how to grow catnip so that your garden is cat friendly! A perennial herb, catnip can also be used to make soothing teas and makes an overall great addition to any garden. Catnip can be grown either from a small plant or directly from seeds. Keep reading to learn how to grow catnip in your garden…

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Are catnip and catmint different plants? Though these mint family herbs have many similarities, Nepeta cataria is a distinct species that serves a different purpose in the garden from other types of Nepeta. Learn how to differentiate between these commonly confused herbs now on Gardener's Path. #nepeta #gardenerspath

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