Grilled octopus

Discover mouthwatering grilled octopus recipes that will take your seafood dishes to the next level. Explore different techniques and flavors to create a memorable dining experience.
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A wicked easy grilled octopus' recipe that is tender, lightly seasoned, and charred that tastes amazing! This recipe doesn't mask the great taste of the grilled octopus but rather lets it shine by dressing it lightly in two olive oil-based dipping sauces that are infused with herbs and seasonings.

Rosa Carrillo
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Recipe video above. Here's an easy, outrageously delicious way to cook baby octopus: simmered until tender, marinated in bold Mediterranean flavours, seared until crispy. Add a Greek Salad, bread for mopping and a glass of chilled wine for the perfect summer meal!2 kg / 4 lb raw baby octopus will serve 5 to 6 people as a main - it shrinks quite substantially. It might even be better the next day, so look forward to leftovers!

Teresa Ivette Zundel
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This is a very popular Portuguese seafood dish. The octopus is precooked until it is tender. It is then grilled giving it a smoky crust, and served in a fragrant sauce of parsley and garlic. Traditionally octopus was wrapped in a sackcloth and then beaten with a stick to tenderise the flesh before grilling. Others

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