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Explore mouthwatering recipes and expert tips for cooking with a grill pan. Enhance your grilling skills and create flavorful dishes with this versatile kitchen tool.
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A grill pan offers a different cooking method for your cooktop. Designed with ridges to mimic the lines of a grill, these pans sear your food for a crispy, flavorful option that's often faster and easier than using a grill. Perfecting the way you use your grill pan improves the quality of the food.

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Chicken Caesar with Creamy Lemon Vinaigrette

<p>A classic Caesar salad becomes a satisfying meal when topped with grilled chicken, which can be easily prepared indoors using an electric grill or a stovetop grill pan. If you can find it, substitute the Parmesan with SarVecchio, a Parmesan-like cheese made in Wisconsin with a deep sweet-yet-salty flavor.</p>

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Grill Pan Grillit Pan With Helper Handle Nonstick Grill Pan Aluminium Non-Stick Griddle Pan 28 Cm Steak Frying Pan (Color : Black, Size : 28cm)

The pan:Say hello to perfect chargrilled vegetables,expertly seared steaks and big hearty breakfasts with this non-stick griddle pan. Size: 28cm, Material: Aluminium. The parallel ridges channel the grease to the sides, keep the meat from sitting on the grill pan and keep juices and extra fat away from the food so you do not get a steaming effect and oily meal. Non-stick layer: The durable non-stick coating on surface prevents food sticking to the pan and makes clean-up a breeze. Non-stick…

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