Grey brick

Transform your space with these stylish grey brick ideas. From accent walls to fireplaces, discover how you can incorporate the timeless elegance of grey brick into your home.
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The visible brickwork will be carried out in non-perforated, dipped, hand-moulded brick with distinctive nerve lines. The grey basic brick it is immersed in a solution of ciment, which gives the entire surface of the brick a frost-resisting top layer with full guarantee. The colour is shaded grey. The bricks are suited for every building … Continue reading "Karma grey HV EF"

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brick texture from henning larsen's gymnasium in frederiksberg. coal-fired, waterstruck, grey brick produced by gråsten teglværk, denmark. can be used as its own bump map etc. at low values. link to full size image, 2400x1920 pixels. this one renders really well, in my experience. sharing my homemade architectural hi-res textures - for those of you who work in 3D or photoshop. they are originally made for renderings in 3D max and tile seamlessly. uploaded with a CC license. no attribution…

Amelia Falco