Grandma's house

Relive the warmth and love of grandma's house with these nostalgic ideas. Rediscover the charm of vintage decor and create a cozy haven that brings back cherished memories.
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When I search for Victorian gardens on pinterest this picture always pops up. Isn't this a lovely outdoor space? I am not sure of the source but I would guess springtime has them enjoying sweet tea on that lovely porch. This certainly is a pin on my wish list board for the Shabby Old House. What are you dreaming about these days?

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Once upon a time, I used to take photos of the light coming through the lace curtains in the bathroom at my grandma's house. I did the same thing when I first moved to Waupaca with the upstairs window curtains. Something about light shining through lace will always make me nostalgic for the early days of everything when my heart went pitter-patter for a good shadow long before I ever learned how to use a camera to document it. I wasn't even a person yet—and by that I mean, nothing had broken…

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