Graffiti photography

Explore the art of graffiti through the lens of photography. Discover creative techniques and tips to capture stunning images of street art that will leave you inspired to pick up your camera and start shooting.
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Taking pictures is the only way to freeze a brief moment that will never repeat itself ever again. Even if it’s something as mundane as a person walking on the sidewalk or a bird flying over the city square. When it comes to immortalizing the beauty of people’s everyday life, street photographers do it perfectly one candid shot at a time.

Raisel Alke
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Izuku Midoriya is apart of Class-1A. He has All Mights quirk and plenty of friends. However when he gets home one day from school his mom tells him there going to America! Izuku doesn't want to leave his classmates and they don't want him to go either. ~One Year Later~ What happens when Class-2A (because there in there second year of hero school) go on a trip to America and see there old friend although he seems to have changed... (this is my first story! sorry if it's bad) (I don't know if…