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Explore the world of graffiti artists and their unique creative expressions. Get inspired by their bold and vibrant artworks, and learn about the techniques they use to make their mark on the urban landscape.
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Concrete Love is a framed limited edition contemporary print by iconic Los Angeles-based visual artist and one of LA's original Graffiti artists Karlos Marquez. It features vibrant colors and abstract street art on high quality fine art paper. Available in White, Black & Natural frame. Available in 2 sizes. Medium: 28 x 30 inches frame (24 x 30 inches print size) Large: 36 x 48 inches frame (33 x 45 inches print size) Limited edition of 100 prints Signed and embossed stamp seal. Raised in…

Teasyyy Boii
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The street art scene doesn't have as many women as we would like. Yet, Banksy art and male street artists ARE being challenged. Female graffiti artists are thriving, and oh boy are they cracking the whip. Their women empowerment girl art and equal rights missions are go go go. Check them out!

Marion Fletcher
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Art is all around us. You might find a stunning mural painted on the side of a dilapidated building or a pothole filled in with a vibrant mosaic. But art is subjective, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you’re likely to spot plenty of bizarre and hilarious tidbits of vandalism in the most random places.