Gold alloys

Discover the perfect gold alloys for your jewelry pieces. Create stunning and long-lasting designs with our top recommendations for gold alloys.
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When shopping for an important piece of jewelry, most of my clients have their hearts set on a particular design or style. But when asked about their precious metals preference, their responses get a bit hazy.They might know which color metal they want but didn’t realize there would be multiple options within that color choice. And it can seem overwhelming to try to understand the physical properties of each option, let alone why one warrants a higher price tag than another. Throughout this…

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Professional jewelers and jewelry appraisers often use gold acid tests to determine gold jewelry’s value. Different acids react differently when dripped on specific base metals, allowing you to tell how pure your gold is. Since gold is so soft, most gold jewelry today is made of an alloy of some kind.

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Has the time finally arrived for you to fall down on one knee and ask your sweet, special lady those four magic words? Maybe you’re already dreaming up every last detail to her perfect engagement ring? Or are you just genuinely curious to know more information about engagement rings? No matter what position you identify...

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