Goddess symbols

Uncover the meaning and significance of goddess symbols in various cultures. Explore how these symbols can empower you and bring wisdom into your life.
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To understand the meaning of the ancient spiral symbol, let’s look first at its etymology (word origin): Spiral comes from Ancient Greek σπείρα (speíra) meaning “wreath, coil, twist”.¹ In Medieval Latin the word spiralis means: "winding around a fixed center, coiling".² The spiral is not just a swirly symbol, it is one of the most...

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A mysterious Greek deity, Hecate lives in the corners of the Greek mythos. A goddess of crossroads, magic, poison, and the undead, Hecate was also the daughter of the Titan Perses and the nymph Asteria, according to Hesiod. Hecate's name (Greek: Hekate, Latin: Hecate) means far-reaching one, and hints at this goddess’s wide influence over...

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Lilith's origins and essence are uncertain. She is considered a primordial being, a demon, a vampire, a Goddess and a sorceress, depending on the path you choose to follow. Her appearance is that of a very beautiful woman, with long red hair, and sometimes winged. In Neopaganism and modern occultism, Lilith is typically regarded as...

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