Glitter flake

Add a touch of glamour to your DIY projects with glitter flake. Explore creative ideas and inspiration to make your crafts sparkle and shine.
Unicorn Glitter Mix Mylar Flakes Iridescent 5 gr 10gr 1 tsp | Etsy Glitter, Art, Glitter Flake, Glittery, Unicorn And Glitter, Clear, Iridescent, Unicorn, Nail Art Tools

***Precision, Laser Cut Nail Glitter*** Color: Unicorn Flake Mix, Mylar Glitter. Iridescent color shifting finish. Size: 5 grams, 10 grams or 1 tsp in a resealable baggie Use: For use in all nail enhancement mediums. Solvent resistant and will not bleed in your nail enhancements. Thinly cut to give the highest shine and sparkle to your nails or other glittery projects.

Marian Lewis